What To Look For In Short Term Business Accommodation

Whether your employer has relocated you indefinitely or you're working away from home for an extended period, a short term rental lease might be an excellent option if compared to a full tenancy or hotel stay. This article is dedicated to helping you understand what to look for in a short term rental – or all factors you must consider before moving to the new property.

Short term rental location and access

 Of course, this is usually the most critical factor and the thing you should most consider before signing a lease. Hopefully, the place you’ll rent is near where you need to be – work, children’s school, etc.

Also, it might be vital for you to look for a place in a central location with secure parking. You probably want to lease a short term rental near supermarkets, a pharmacy, hospital, or restaurants, depending on your particular needs.

Amenities that are provided

If you rent a place through Airbnb, for instance, make sure to check the amenities provided and included in the cost. Are towels, hairdryer, toiletries, kitchen equipment provided?

If these items are essential to you, make sure they are. The Right Property Group serviced apartment properties, for example, come with a fully-equipped kitchen, large plasma smart TV, fast broadband and more. 

If you are looking to cut some costs, you can always choose a place where these items are not included.

Space in the short term rental

How much space do you need? The good thing about short term rentals is that they offer at least a half more space than a hotel.

If you are moving with the whole family, you’ll probably consider a place with two bedrooms or more. Also, check how large are the bedrooms and living rooms, and make sure they are comfortable for you.


Of course, price is a significant factor that must be taken into consideration when renting a short term property. It must be cheaper than hotel stays, of course, at least when you think of a price per room.

Always compare prices to see if you are paying more for the same things, but don’t forget that places which offer amenities are likely to be more expensive than the ones that don’t.


Maybe you are staying for a week, a month or a few months – in this case, make sure you get a place where they offer you long term discounts. At TRPG, for example, we offer discounts on stays over 7 nights and more if longer than one month.

Bedding arrangement

If you are planning to take some people with you, make sure that the accommodation has several possible bedding arrangements. Maybe you are spending some time with a relative in a double room but want to sleep on separate beds – is there a twin set of beds of just a regular couple’s bed?

Parking provisions

Car owners are very used to this, but it’s important to remember them  to ask about parking to the landlord before renting. Some renters will say that there is an extra cost for parking, some will not have space for a car (and you’ll need to find a parking spot in the area).

Payment terms

Always make sure to find a short term rental with the best payment terms for your needs. Is the payment monthly or upfront? Is there a discount if you pay it up front? How important is this for you?

Cancellation policy

Last, but never least, you must look for the cancellation policy.

Because you may need to move again, back to your home, to a new house, or another rental property somewhere else. Make sure you know exactly when you can cancel and if there are any fees or charges for doing so.