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Top Construction Locations Across the UK for 2024

Did you know that the UK construction sector is predicted to improve by 12% in 2024? This is brilliant news and shows that even though costs are likely to fluctuate and supply chains may not be completely clear, the UK is pulling back and proving its strength. 

As we enter 2024, the strength of the UK construction industry is more evident than ever, resilient in the face of challenges and steadfast in its commitment to progress.

To celebrate the expected strong growth, we wanted to share some projects we got our eye on during 2024 and showcase our available properties in the area. Keep reading to learn more.

Four UK Construction Projects For 2024


Manchester - Great Northern Scheme

Manchester is seen as the capital of England for many people, and that is set to be further cemented with the £300 million Great Northern Scheme development. As if the city didn’t have lots on offer already, the huge development will see the existing warehouse and connected buildings turned into a residential and entertainment complex. 

Including office spaces, homes, and retail areas, the impressive scheme will add a new sense of community to the city, which we can’t wait to visit!

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Coventry - City Centre South Regeneration 

Coventry is an area growing in popularity as it offers all of the flair of some major towns and cities but with a slightly more affordable price tag. The project was initially meant to start in 2023 but is not set to commence in 2024, so lots of activity will hit the city next year. 

The development, worth £450 million, will see 1500 new homes created, retail space, and general improvements to the groundworks within the areas. An additional hotel and cinema will ensure that the spending can be recouped promptly to keep the city's books nicely balanced. 

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London - The Oriel Eye Hospital

While London certainly has lots of projects constantly underway, this one stands out to us as it is set to be the hub of new research that will shape the medical industry. Ground was broken in 2023, and completion is not under 2027, so we expect 2024 to be a pivotal year in the construction side of the overall project. 

This is just one of the new hospitals approved under the UK government's promise to expand medical facilities in the UK.

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Liverpool - Anfield Shopping Centre

The UK also has lots of retail developments underway, but Anfield Retails has caught our eye. One of the reasons is that the project, worth £4 million, has a fairly small window for completion. It commenced in Autumn 2023, and shops are set to be open in July 2024, ready to make the most of summer seasonal visitors to the city.  

Director of Priority Space Adam Richardson commented, “High Street renewal is identified as a key priority in this scheme, and we look forward to seeing these new shops play a key role in providing improved community facilities for residents and football fans alike.”

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Serviced Accommodation For All Construction Needs

One of the reasons that we specialise in contractor accommodation is that these workers deserve a comfy place to rest after a hard day's work. There are also commonly large teams deployed to new spaces, meaning costs can skyrocket. 

When choosing stays for major projects, we offer a brilliant solution for the following reasons:

  • We offer long and short-term stays with flexible booking scopes. 
  • Our properties are located in various places, meaning travel can be simplified from there. 
  • All costs are pre-negotiated, meaning no hidden additions to the overall project budget.
  • Our homestays are relaxing and comfortable, allowing the ideal place for busy construction teams to rest when undertaking major work.

 If you want to remove some of the stress from your construction teams, choose Comfy Workers for your next project.

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