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Guide to Corporate Relocation

You may not have encountered corporate relocation until it's a business activity in your current path. Every year in the UK, around 5% of professionals undertake a corporate relocation to keep companies thriving in new locations without having to undertake expensive recruitment drives. 

As you can imagine, the task is not always simple, with many factors ranging from cost to an employee's well-being needing to be considered in detail. As experts in offering corporate relocation services at Comfy Workers, we understand exactly what needs to be managed for a smooth corporate relocation. 

Keep reading to check out our full corporate relocation guide and expert tips to ensure well-being for when workloads are moved.

What is a Corporate Relocation?

Corporate relocation refers to the process of moving employees and their families to a new location due to a job transfer, assignment, or company expansion. It involves various aspects such as logistics, housing, and support services to ensure a smooth transition for employees. The relocation may be domestic or international, depending on the location and scope of the assignment or transfer. 

Companies may provide assistance with housing, transportation, and settling-in services, as well as offer support programs to help employees and their families acclimate to the new location. Corporate relocation is an essential process to facilitate the efficient transfer of talent, promote organisational growth, and support employee satisfaction and well-being.

Considerations To Make When Planning a Corporate Relocation:

If a move is essential for a team member, careful groundwork and planning should precede rushing into choosing a lease. This is something we can fully support at Comfy Workers. Corporate lets are a unique housing option that doesn’t just need to offer a bed to sleep in or space to relax in but a precise formula of benefits that aid positive working experiences. 

To establish what boxes need to be ticked, you will first need to consider the following:

  • Before initiating a corporate relocation, the company needs to outline clear objectives and develop comprehensive relocation policies. These policies should cover eligibility criteria, support services, compensation packages, and reimbursement guidelines, providing a transparent framework for employees undergoing relocation. This must also cover the type of property being looked for by way of budget, location and amenities.
  • Each corporate relocation should be approached with a personalised plan tailored to the needs of the relocating employee and their family. This plan should account for factors such as family dynamics, lifestyle preferences, housing requirements, and cultural adjustments, ensuring a holistic approach to the relocation process. When it comes to getting the property side of things spot on, we are always available to help.
  • Appointing a dedicated relocation coordinator in-house or engaging the services of a professional relocation management company, like Comfy Workers, will streamline the entire relocation process. This individual or organisation will serve as the primary point of contact, coordinating various aspects of the relocation, such as housing, transportation, and settling-in services.

How To Choose The Right Property For a Corporate Relocation?

When choosing the right property for a corporate relocation, several factors should be considered to ensure a successful transition for the relocating employees. Also, on some occasions family members also join which adds another set of factors to account for! 


The location of the property is crucial, considering factors such as proximity to the workplace, schools, amenities, and transportation infrastructure. If an employee doesn’t know an area, moving somewhere new will be overwhelming. You will be met with a much happier workforce by taking the time to think about what will make them comfortable and how they can get around when in situ. 

How Does Comfy Workers Combat This? We offer locations around all parts of most cities, towns, and villages, which means the perfect spot can be chosen. From inner city apartments to rural family homes, we have something for everyone. The selection process means all you have to do is send us a location, and we will source some brilliant options for you.

Housing Needs

Assess the specific housing needs of the relocating employees, such as the number of bedrooms, outdoor space, and proximity to essential services like grocery stores and healthcare facilities. This also includes the way in which a space will be used. For example, corporate employees will likely need to work from home sometimes so choosing a home with a dedicated work area or enough space to create one is essential.

How Does Comfy Workers Combat This? As specialists in sourcing corporate relocation homes, we offer a wide selection of services ideal for these types of professionals. 

Duration of Relocation

Depending on the length of the relocation, companies should determine what type of property is best. A cosy apartment may be best for a shorter term, but a home with more space is ideal. Of course, for longer periods, an important factor is how a budget will be used during the expected period.

How Does Comfy Workers Combat This? We offer serviced stays suitable for a wide range of time frames, from a few days to a few months. You can select the overall period of time you require, plus you can benefit from flexibility in being able to modify arrangements should things change. We understand that corporate relocations are not always black and white which is why we have shaped our service to work this way. We don’t think anyone should be penalised for needing to change plans every now and again which is why we only work with property hosts who understand the unique demands of corporate life.

Top Tips for Corporate Relocations

  • Open and transparent communication with employees about the relocation process, including the reasons, timelines, and support available, can help alleviate concerns and build trust.
  • Establish comprehensive relocation policies that outline eligibility criteria, compensation packages, and reimbursement guidelines, providing a transparent framework for employees and the company. This will help you to find a property quicker that everyone is happy with.
  • Involving employees in decision-making processes, especially regarding housing and school choices, can empower them and contribute to their satisfaction with the relocation experience.
  • Recognise that each employee and their family have unique needs. Offering personalised support services, such as relocation assistance, cultural orientation, and family support, can enhance the overall experience.

Choose Comfy Workers For Corporate Relocation Needs!

Corporate relocation is a multifaceted process that necessitates meticulous planning, personalised support, and a focus on employee well-being. By establishing clear relocation objectives, providing comprehensive support services, and prioritising suitable accommodation, companies can ensure a seamless transition for their employees. 

To learn more about how we can help you to source the perfect property, check out our guide to affordable corporate housing. You can also view our available serviced stays by clicking here!