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Guide to Corporate Lets

Across the UK, business travel increased steadily during 2023, proving that we are getting closer to pre-pandemic levels. With companies still looking for ways to preserve funds but also needing to elevate performance, travel is becoming an essential part of operations in all sectors once again. As a business owner or admin professional, finding perfect accommodation can be a hassle, sometimes delaying vital work. Whether you're relocating staff or looking for a base for visiting clients, there are many factors to consider when deciding on employee living arrangements.

One option in this scenario is usually corporate lettings - an alternative to traditional residential rentals tailored towards employees who need to stay in a particular location for a set period. In this article, we'll look at the concept of corporate lets, explore their pros and cons, and also examine how serviced accommodation may offer the solution to your travel woes.

What Is a Corporate Let?

Before we start comparing the different options suitable for business travel, let us explain what a corporate let is. Corporate lettings allow businesses to rent a property typically for a long period of time. The accommodation is designed for an employee or group of employees to live in for a set period, with the company usually covering the rental cost as well as any other expenses that staff incur during this time. This can be an attractive strategy for companies that are expanding their business or temporarily relocating teams to a new office or project site.

While corporate lets may not be as widespread as traditional hotel or bed-and-breakfast rentals, they can often be a useful way for companies to save on costs when travelling with larger staff.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing a Corporate Let?

Corporate lets can be a great option to select when managing corporate travel but they can also bring with them some downsides. These are as follows:

Pros of Corporate Lets

    • Employees will have access to more space and improved comfort compared to selecting a hotel. More often than not, corporate rentals tend to be flats and houses which are  more spacious and private than standard hotel rooms. This is particularly beneficial if the accommodation is for a group of people as it eliminates the chance of people stepping on each other's toes. This is sometimes the key for ensuring that employees are happy when working away from home.


  • Staff will have access to other amenities that improve wellbeing such as a kitchen and living space. This means that employees will be able to live more comfortably and maintain their normal routines as well as habits which is important. This can also reduce spending for employers as it means eating out can be done less frequently.
  • Most corporate lets offer flexibility in leasing options. Companies are often given the choice of signing a long-term lease or short-term leases. Some serviced accommodation providers offer flexible agreements even as short as one month, which can be convenient for companies experiencing short-term accommodation needs.


Cons of Corporate Lets


  • The cost of corporate lets is often higher than serviced accommodation. As well as paying for the rent itself, corporate lets often require extra funds towards running and upkeep costs including utilities and maintenance.
  • Not always suitable for shorter rental needs. Corporate lets usually have fixed terms, typically ranging from a few months to several years. This lack of flexibility when it comes to shorter term needs can be a disadvantage if the company's space requirements change during the contracted term.
  • Support is also often limited for company lets. If teams run into any issues, they are often left to their own resources to sort as maintenance teams are not always included within corporate lets. They are essentially set up the same way as a traditional rental property which means any issues can take longer to resolve. 



Is There a Better Solution Than Corporate Lets?

Although a corporate let may sound like a great idea, it’s not always the best option for business travellers due to the cons that we have included above. If you're a company searching for accommodation readily equipped to cater to business travellers, then serviced accommodation should be on your radar. As a more significant and more customer-centric industry, serviced accommodation has transformed significantly in recent years, and now offers more than ever before for business travellers. This also includes personalised support for corporate clients which improves every phase of the process from booking to payment.

The concept is similar to a corporate letting, but with a range of additional benefits that make it a more attractive option to businesses. Serviced accommodation offers all the space and comfort that comes with a corporate let, as well as more extensive service arrays to make stays more enjoyable and convenient. More specifically, serviced accommodation is the ideal choice when the business or corporate trip is relatively short and primarily about convenience. One key feature of serviced accommodation is the level of upkeep and attention to detail that comes with your stay. For example, in serviced accommodation, regular cleaning is included within the rent. You'll never need to worry about arranging housekeeping or other property maintenance support during a rental period.

Additionally, serviced accommodations tend to be located on-site or near key transport and business links - meaning that you'll be ideally situated for all your business needs. Serviced accommodation landlords tend to select properties that are convenient for business activities, as this attracts the right customers.

Ultimately, serviced accommodation offers convenience to corporate and professional clients which is also more efficient and cost effective.

Why Choose Comfy Workers for Serviced Accommodation?

At Comfy Workers, we have worked hard to create a property booking process that improves the wellbeing of business professionals through a set of considerations proven to make a difference. Some reasons to choose us are as follows:

  • Our prices are fixed and transparent eliminating the chance of rising costs.
  • Properties are all designed for professional travellers.
  • We offer accommodation throughout the entirety of the UK meaning you can also find a stay in a location perfect for your team.
  • We manage the entire process eliminating the need for your busy admin teams to worry about their teams whilst they travel.
  • Our property hosts agree with all of the terms required for efficient business travel meaning issues will never arise.

Corporate lettings have their use, particularly for more extended stays. However, serviced accommodation ticks all the boxes and more. For the business traveller, it's all about convenience and exclusivity — values that serviced accommodation has cornered. If you're looking to trim expenses without sacrificing space, quality, or location, serviced accommodation is the logical choice. From key transport links and on-site staff to frequent cleaning and automation, it's a versatile and cost-effective option that can help you and your staff make the most out of your business trips.

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